Driven by a
passion for
exploration ,
we search the Korean Peninsula

for the finest natural ingredients.

Powerful Soothing Korean Centella Asiatica
Harvested across Korean terrains,
Centella is known for its remarkable soothing benefits.
Weightless Hydration Deep Sea Water
Sourced from Korea’s East Sea,
Deep Sea Water provides mineral-rich hydration.
Timeless Well-Aging Jeju Hydrangea
Harvested from the enchanting Jeju Island,
Hydrangea holds the secret to timeless skin elasticity and wrinkle control.
  • Powerful Soothing Korean Centella Asiatica
  • Weightless Hydration Deep Sea Water
  • Timeless Well-Aging Jeju Hydrangea
New Arrivals
Skin-Quenching Hydration Duo

This Deep Sea water-infused line is the ultimate hydro-boost your skin’s been looking for.

Dive On In
Rooted in Wonder. Rooted in Wonder.

Sensorial Skincare

Meticulously crafted, our skincare products are designed to deliver not only exceptional results but also a delightful and exciting sensorial experience.

Touch Your Seoul Urbanity Nature Life Seoul

Where Our Inspiration Blooms

N Seoul Tower N서울타워

Seoul Forest Park 성수 서울숲

Yeouido Hangang Park 여의도 한강 공원

We explore the rich culture
and boundless
creativity of Seoul,

where nature and urbanity
thrive in harmony.

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