Korea’s Wonder Ingredient

Centella Asiatica

Main Benefit

Rapid Soothing Relief

Known for its remarkable soothing benefits,
Centella has traditionally been used in Korea for wound recovery. Korean Centella soothes the skin with a powerful calming effect and addresses various skin problems.

Rapid Soothing Relief

Harvested from
Pristine Terrains

As we scoured diverse terrains across Korea, from lush forests to towering mountains,
we handpick the finest Centella, curating it to complement each product's unique functions.
Every terrain provides the plant with distinct qualities shaped by factors such as soil
composition, climate, and local cultivation methods.

Centella’s Pure Power

When extracting natural ingredients, it is important to preserve as many active ingredients as possible.
By using our low-temperature extraction method, we are able retain
a greater percentage of Centella's active ingredients, such as antioxidant flavonoids,
enhancing its stability and unleashing its full soothing power.

  • 1

    Growing and Harvesting Centella Asiatica

  • 2

    Low-Temperature Extraction

  • 3

    Korean Centella Asiatica Extract

*This description is limited to PURITO Wonder Releaf Centella Serum and PURITO Wonder
Releaf Centella Serum Unscented.